Midarex Digital is an Ad Mediation Platform for Native and Rich Media Ads.
Our main markets are US, CA, ZA, UK, IT, DE, ES, NL, IN, MX, MY, AR, RU, KR, CN, ID, FR, AU and JP. 
Type of Ads: Mobile Banner, JS & iFrame Tags, Interstitial, Native ads and Rich media. 
Key features of Midarex Digital Ad Mediation Platform include:
* We have 45+ Million users, we have our own product for direct publisher relationship
* Real-time bidding: The ability to price and deliver on a per-impression basis in real-time; IAB OpenRTB 2.3 spec and Native Ads 1.0 spec compliance
* CPM and CPC Bidding
* Machine Learning and Optimisation: Midarex Digital’s decision engine optimise's campaign performance based on click through rate and conversion on publishers to maximise performance.
* Frequency cap to get more Unique users
* No Fixed CPM price for any country. Win the traffic as you wish.
* Advertiser can get 100% transparency on site and App names to run offers on our platform.
* 20+ Million daily ad impression globally.
* Postback integration for optimizing the campaign.


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